I signed the papers today saying that over the next 3 months I will do my best to become a boxer and raise $5000 for iDE Canada‘s WaSH program.  WaSH stands for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene – all things we take for granted, all things that people in rural Cambodia, Vietnam, Africa don’t have easy access to.  Each time you flush, you’ve likely flushed away more clean water than they will see in a day. And you’ve had the privacy, comfort and safety of doing that in your own home. Imagine holding it all day because you don’t have a private place to go.  Or imagine pooping right beside the potatoes you will have for dinner.  That’s the reality for too many people and the motivation for me to undertake something I’ve never tried. I’m pretty sure will push my limits for physical exertion and I’m really afraid to get hit in the face.  So stay tuned for the stories as I get ready for “My Clean Fight”.

The plants are harvested to feed pigs

Open sewage lagoon in Phnom Penh , Cambodia


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