The Truth

I am not a natural cheerleader. If things are tough, I will let you know.  I like to think of it as honesty rather than negativity.  And guessing by the popularity of some blogs out there, honesty of that kind, as well as a good dose of sarcasm, is popular (e.g. Kelly Oxford and her best seller).  So I’m going to be honest about this process. Not because I want to complain, although this is a great outlet, and not because I’m down on boxing training, but because this is freaking difficult and I want other people to know it.  I think it does a disservice to the real boxers who train like this every day to not talk about how hard it is. Clearly it isn’t impossible to get through the workouts if I’m doing it, but it is testing my will to continue.

To me it is discouraging to struggle through a workout only to hear someone say “wasn’t that great?”.   I am here to say that it wasn’t great. The last workout almost made me cry. In fact I would have cried if I had to do another round of burpees.  Thank-you Maureen for recognizing my breaking point. I was ready to quit.  I was frustrated that my upper body strength is so bad that after 60 push-ups from my knees, I almost burst into tears at the call for 40 more.  Embarrassed that I can’t do one assisted chin-up and so exhausted 40 minutes into the workout that passing out was a viable alternative.

So to any of my team mates who are struggling or in pain and can’t imagine 84 more days of this, I’m here to say that we’ll figure it out. We will endure.  And if we have to bitch about it, then we will.  I’m happy to have the encouraging people around because it gives me hope that I too may see the fun in this, but right now my out of shape, overweight body does not comprehend joy.  It only winces at the thought of another push-up.

But I will not quit because these beautiful little girls in Cambodia should not have to risk their safety, dignity or health because they don’t have access to a latrine.



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