Gonna make you sweat

Wow does boxing make you sweat! I’m the type of person who will go fire engine red in the face before perspiration appears but something about pounding on a 60 pound bag has me sweating like a cartoon character.


One of the co-owners of ITC Boxing Fitness, and the person who talked me into this, Sheila Molloy, has a great t-shirt that says “sweat is just your fat crying”.  Well mine must be having a complete breakdown because I can barely see through most of my workout from the sweat stinging my eyes.  I hope that means I’m working hard and not just ridiculously out of shape.  There is evidence that boxing burns 1000 calories per hour so let’s hope all that water loss is not in vain.

Last night I foolishly thought I could go in for a “light” technical workout before heading out to see some friends.  So with my newly cut and styled hair carefully pulled back, I started to warm up by skipping.  So far so good – little warm but still dry.  Then I put on the gloves and within 5 minutes any illusions of walking out of that gym without breaking a sweat vanished.  As I attempt to push away the hair that was glued to my face, Patrick, one of the wonderful coaches,  suggested perhaps I should get a better head band.  I tried to explain that I wasn’t planning to work that hard because I was going out later to which he responds “If you walk through those doors, you will sweat.”

And now I know. Show up hydrated, hair up and prepare to work. There is no such thing as a “light work out” in boxing.

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