The Loo

It is times like this that I wish I had taken more pictures of some bathrooms I’ve encountered over the years of traveling.  On the other hand, it is likely best I don’t share those.  I do have this little beauty from China.

And of course there was the one on the Inca trail that was missing the toilet seat. Seriously? They hauled a porcelain throne  up a mountain for two days on a porter’s back but not the seat? It felt awesome to “hover” after climbing a mountain for the day.  But in all cases I could at least find a toilet without too much trouble.  The quality of said facilities were often debatable, where it emptied was sometimes a mystery and taking you own supplies was a necessity.  But at least there was somewhere to go.

Sanitation in many countries is a huge issue. Take this lagoon in Cambodia.


The untreated sewage was filtered for “large items” and then sent to this raw sewage lagoon where the locals grew plants to feed the pigs and children lived and played each day.  Houses, businesses, and restaurants were on the shores of this large sewage lake.


These girls who lived in the countryside are growing up learning to hold it until dusk when they can discretely go to a safe place.  They may end up too sick to attend school and when they hit puberty, they get to deal with a host of other issues.  This topic may be uncomfortable but so is a lifetime of dysentery, dehydration and being malnourished so let’s talk about it and fight for a solution.  The idea that they get used to the bacteria and viruses present in their food and water is false. They are sick too.  More children die of diarrhea-related illnesses than HIV, malaria, and TB combined. That to me is shocking and very sad.  Let’s fix that. Although I must raise $5000 to box I would love to raise more. As much as I possibly can really.  Donations are gratefully accepted on-line here:

Let’s do what we can to make sure these cuties keep smiling.



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