Technical Difficulties

I’ve decided to take a little fitness break this week to focus on the technical aspects of boxing.  I’m doing this for a couple of reasons:

1) I’m tired. My muscles are fatigued. I have a few injuries which doesn’t work well if I’m in this for the long haul.  The technical sessions are still a workout, let me tell you, so it’s not like I’m sitting on the sidelines taking notes. We are working.

2) My skills are quite rudimentary and I don’t want to start practicing bad habits like dropping my hands on a jab (because that will get me whacked in the face) or standing square to the opponent (which opens me to getting whacked in the ribs).  There is a lot to learn between knowing where to put my feet, how to step forward, back, sideways, how to throw a jab, then a right, then another.  Truthfully it all feels super unnatural which I was assured by Coach Steve (who is incredibly patient), that nothing about boxing is really natural.  It is all about practice and repetition.  Good to hear since right now I look like a junior high kid at my first sock hop – clumsy steps, flailing arms, no rhythm, slightly off-balance.  It is not pretty out there folks.

sock hop

AND they make you watch yourself in a mirror which I’m having a little trouble doing.  No one wants to see his or her 13 year old self again!   Awkward.  I completely understand the purpose of the mirrors.  If I was watching, I would probably figure out that I’m dropping my hands. I’d like to figure that out before sparring because I’m a big fan of my nose. I want to protect it at all costs.  So I guess I better get in touch with my inner 13 year old.

La Verendrye School circa 1986

Thanks everyone for your support. It is encouraging to know I have so many people behind me on this journey.  I’m 60% of the way to getting in the ring for The Clean Fight.


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