The Training Routine

You’ve seen the movies, you’ve heard my complaints but what exactly does boxing training involve when you take 15 women from zero to fighting in 3 months.

Well to be fair, no one was at zero.  Every volunteer has a base level of strength and experience with some type of sport.  There is no way any of us would get through the fitness classes if we had never darkened the doorstep of a gym.  That said, I can’t say I was in top physical conditioning going into this which has made training a bit of a struggle.  A training week for me goes approximately like this:

DSC_4220Monday Boxing Fitness with Maureen (and she’s tough), Tuesday Technical, Wednesday Boxing Fitness with Juanita (Maureen’s twin-in-training), Thursday Technical, Friday OFF (or a jog if I’m ambitious), Saturday Yoga for Boxers plus Technical, Sunday Moksha yoga or stripping wallpaper. Repeat.

DSC_4237Each session starts with 10 minutes of skipping  and about 10 minutes on the heavy bags. That’s the “warm-up”.

In Fitness, Maureen sets up a series of (torture) stations designed to toughen us up and give us stamina.  Or break us (kidding – sort of).  There are TRX stations, Roman Chair, sit-ups, push-up, squats, heavy bar presses and various other devices that only someone who has been boxing for 20 years can dream up.  And of course, burpees.  Lots of burpees. We go through these circuits for the next 35-40 minutes leaving a sweat trail behind us like a group of two-legged slugs in a lettuce patch.  Sometimes they spontaneously get us to do extra push-ups or burpees.  You feel like you’ve conquered the world after one of these workouts and after one month I already feel stronger.  I can measure progress on how far I can get through a workout without collapsing, crying, or cheating.

DSC_4285Boxing Fitness is definitely harder than the Technical Training – at least for now.  But Technical isn’t a walk in the park either.

After warm-up we alternate between heavy bags and footwork/shadow boxing while we wait our turn to get 4 minutes with this guy:


Mark – our fearless, tireless ring trainer calls out the hits and stands in front of our less than accurate punches.  Some of mine have been rather random.  Four minutes may not seem that long but I’ve found it is like 2×2 minute sprints with your arms.  At first we just had to hit at the pads but now he’s started hitting back.  In fact, the camera was rolling the first time he tapped me back to remind me to lift my hands.  This is how that turned out:

Clearly I have to develop a better reaction.  My guess is I won’t be laughing if he really starts swinging at me.  And I have to learn to keep my gloves up. My poor nose depends on it.

So after an hour I am pretty tired and very sweaty.  There is no doubt that this has to be  the best, well-rounded workout you can do. (i.e. every muscle will hurt the next day). It’s fun! I suggest you try it.



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