Another Thanksgiving has passed and as usual another fabulous feast was consumed.  That alone is enough to be thankful for – to share good food (and wine) with family.  I also have another reason to be thankful this year; I reached my fundraising goal on Monday.  I am so grateful to have such a supportive network of friends and family. It is never easy to ask for money because everyone has their own causes to support or has that money earmarked for other things.  But so many people stepped up because they believe in me and/or they believe in the cause and that means a lot to me.  It takes a team to tackle big problems. I’ve got a great team behind me. Or in boxing terms, I have excellent people in my corner.  A big hug to everyone.

Other things to be thankful for:


– We have a great country despite what we say about our governments from time to time.  I just received a book of photos by Al Doerksen, former CEO of iDE, with pictures from projects they are involved with around the world.  There are some hard working people just trying to survive.

– I thankful that I’m getting stronger and hurting less. Keep in mind we haven’t started sparring yet.  But 6 weeks ago I could barely make it through a workout. It feels good to be healthy and strong.

– A big thanks to In This Corner Boxing Fitness Centre (  Taking on 15 boxers-in-training at once with a short timeline to a match is a big undertaking.  They have volunteered their facility and trainers to make sure this event can take place.  And boy have they had their work cut out for them, especially when it comes to getting us to box and not chat! If you ever wanted to try Boxing Fitness, In This Corner is a really accessible, friendly and CLEAN place to go.  You will find a new kind of fitness joy when hitting the heavy bags.

– And a big shout out to the ladies.  We’ve been training hard, you look great, and I fear getting in the ring with any one of you.  Everyone comes to this challenge with a different story and it has been fun getting to know each of you.  To my friends and family reading this, if you haven’t donated and would like to, then anyone of these ladies is a deserving candidate. You can pick from the list at  We all have to raise $5000 to fight.  And it all goes to one great cause – iDE CANADA.

Thank-you everyone for your support and for helping me reach my first goal. YAY!



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