The Naming of Boxers

The Naming Of (Boxers) by T. S. Eliot (modified)


The Naming of “Boxers” is a difficult matter,
It isn’t just one of your holiday games;
You may think at first I’m as mad as a hatter
When I tell you, a “Boxer” must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES.
If you don’t remember the poem or musical, you can check out the lyrical version here.
We’ve been asked to come up with fighting name so I do what comes naturally – I start to research why boxers get their nicknames and who anointed them.  Yes I know I’m odd.  BUT it appears I’m not the only one who was curious about this.  There is a great article written by East Side Boxing about the topic.
The basic categories from which nicknames develop, according to the article, are the following:
  • Day Job –  which could leave me with Mavis “The Clobbering Consultant” of “Maniac Manager” McRae
  • Imagery – Smokin’ McRae
  • Catchy – such as “Boom Boom” or “Boogaloo”  (that one is fun)
  • Home Town Homage – here “The Portage Pugilist” has been suggested.
  • Animals, including insects and rodents – no junior high nicknames need to be applied thank-you. Examples of real boxers include The Worm, The Mosquito and The Mouse. No thanks. Next.
  • Fighting Styles – since I seem to lack style, or have yet to develop one, that could be a tough.
  • Heritage – where a number of “The Irish” and “The Celtic” have appeared. This one is quite appealing to me but I’ve yet to come up with a good Scottish tribute name.  “The Tartan Terror” perhaps.  Or the “Kilted Killer” only I won’t be wearing a kilt and I have no intention or desire to kill or even maim my opponent (unless provoked).
  • Classics – Marvelous, Kid and Sugar are popular entries here.  This is the category for Sugar Mave McRae or Marvelous Mavis McRae (I may get a t-shirt with that on it).
You will see a few other categories in the article but you get the picture.  The one thing that came out in the research was that it is very unusual for a boxer to name themselves.  In fact, it is a bit frowned upon from what I can tell (nasty words were used on some chat sites).  So I’m putting it out there for people to weigh in.  Typically a boxer is named by friends/family, their opponents, announcers, or their trainers.  I’m open to suggestions in the comments section (the little speaking bubble at the top) or via email.  Go – be creative, because according to one articulate boxing fan out there, I would be a d-bag if I gave myself a name.  And that’s not a very nice nickname.

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