the setback

It had to happen. Every great story has to have a setback before the glorious triumph in the end. Where would the suspense be if “The Karate Kid” didn’t have a smashed up knee before the big fight?  Not that I was looking to turn this into a great story but I have been dealt a setback two weeks before the big day.  It seems I have developed “tennis elbow” or in reality, Boxer Elbow.


You would think with that relaxing week off in Mexico I would have healed up and been ready for the final stretch. Instead I’ve been benched and you can imagine how well that is going over.  Only two and a half sessions of sparring and I am now cooling my joints on ice packs with a side of anti-inflammatories.  Last night’s round was the brick wall that broke me.  Coach Steve is usually an immovable object at the best of times but connecting with all 200 lbs of solid boxer was too much for my irritated joint.  Jab after jab met with the wall of Steve until I couldn’t take it anymore and bailed halfway through the second round.  I knew going into the ring that I was hurting and thought I could just limp through, but once the pain hit my shoulder I knew I was in trouble. So off to the doctor I went today. Thankfully the shoulder is just a muscle strain but my elbow is inflamed despite 2x a week physio on it.

Sadly this isn’t the only injury.  Right from the start I was nursing a sore ankle from slow-pitch.  Last game of the season I get hit on the ankle by a pitch. Yes I know – what dolt can’t get out of the way of a slow-pitch?  This one it seems. In my defence, I had NO IDEA how much it would hurt if the ball hit directly on the bone. Lesson learned – move no matter how slow the ball is coming at you.  So I haven’t been skipping for about a month because of that irritation.  It is so frustrating because I want to train hard but my body says no thanks.  And age has nothing to do with it. This has happened every time I’ve trained to play competitively.

Basketball = screwed up knees and shin splints

Rowing = back and hip pain (still hurts to this day)

Boxing  = elbow/arm pain

So my gloves are shelved until Saturday.  glovesThe only thing I can do is jog, follow doc and coach’s orders and watch an obscene amount of boxing videos with my spare time.

To those who have donated or paid to see me fight, I will be in the ring. I will do what it takes to get there so unless I am disqualified for health or safety reasons, I will fight.  Because Daniel beats his guy in the end, on one leg, in an awkwardly memorable moment. I may not win, but I’ll be there for all three rounds.  Promise.


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