Ready to Rumble

Fight day is less than a week away.  We’re in the home stretch with one more sparring session on Saturday and some last minute prep and likely weigh-in on Tuesday (you have to know how much I love that part).
My shoulder and elbow have been hanging in there.  A steady diet of Advil and daily ice packs seem to be working so looks like I’ll be headed to the ring in this stunning outfit.

I know, right? Dead sexy.  Clearly boxing is still a very male dominated sport.  We’ve been trying out our uniforms during sparring because there is a lot to get used to. First there is the shirt, a  heavy reversible little number (red or blue) which doesn’t fit around the hips, because of course men don’t have hips, and is equivalent to wearing a sleeveless parka.  Then the shorts with their girdle like waist that rides up during the match.   This riding phenomenon is fabulous for reducing the points area (above the belt) but leave us with a Steve Urkle-esque look that only a mother could love. The rest of the crowd will just laugh – and take pictures that will no doubt live in social media forever. Once you add the skull cap and mouth guard we magically transform into lumpy boys with mascara.  Oh and I can’t forget the “Jill” to protect our lower bits.


jill 2

Again, strong enough for a woman, but made for a man. The bigger one protects the kidneys – and on some women, their ribs cage AND chest. Some of the women could wear a barrel and have more mobility.

So for any of you that envision women’s boxing to look like this,

female boxer

it actually looks like this: woman boxer

Please adjust your expectations accordingly 🙂


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