‘Twas the Night Before Fight Night (abridged)

‘Twas the night before Fight Night and all through the house,
Every creature was sleeping (except me), even the mouse
The wraps were all hung on the door with great care,
In hope that the wrinkles wouldn’t create more despair,

With Lindsay “The Knock Out” all snug in her bed,
As visions of jabs and hooks run through her head,
And me with my Advil and several ice packs,
Could not settle down while flat on my back.

My minds was racing and all such a clatter,
I jumped out of the bed as mad as a hatter,
Off to the office I flew in a roar,
While my hubby just turned and continued to snore

The laptop was glowing and beckoning in,
It didn’t take long before I had to give in
And what to my burning eyes should appear
Our pictures on facebook all dressed in our gear,

With kidney protectors that make us look thick,
And mouth guards so large it made some girls sick,
Our shorts pulled up high so our point zone is small,
It will be a wonder if family will know us at all.

There’s Susan and Lydie, and of course the two Heathers,
Juanita and Danielle who are light as two feathers,
On Paige and Tanya, your fight will be epic
After Lisa and Andrea, Czarina and Robbie (meh – it can’t all rhyme)

We’ve worked really hard and have muscle to show,
And now those big muscles will head right for your nose,
We’re nervous, excited, wonder what we’ll forget,
But we’ll give it our best, there are no regrets.

With our mouthguards firmly clenched in our teeth,
And our headgear on, like a big, puffy wreath.
This Clean Fight just started, but must come to an end,
Once bruises settle we will all be best friends.

This poem’s too long so I’ll head for my bed,
Reviewing my game plan I’ll settle my head;
But my last thoughts remain, as I shut my eyes tight,
Thank-you ITC coaches, we’ll have a good fight!


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