I’ve never boxed before or even undertaken the fitness training for boxing.  Truth be told, I’ve never liked boxing.  I know it takes strength and agility but all I ever saw was two guys in a ring pounding the crap out of each other.  “Rocky” was a bit like the “Jaws” of boxing for me. It scared me off because it didn’t look like fun and seemed kind of dangerous.  Which brings me to my current challenge.  I have 3 months to get fit and learn how to box plus raise $5000 for an organization I love, iDE Canada (www.ide-canada.org).  I’m in the worst shape of my life and on Nov. 28th I will go 3 rounds with another woman who is likely just as scared as I am that our faces will get bashed up.  The event is called “The Clean Fight” and this is my story of getting in shape, learning about a new sport, meeting some incredible woman, and helping people around the world get access to the basic necessities of life – clean water and bathrooms.  I’m Mavis McRae and in 3 months I will be a boxer.

My new gloves

My new gloves


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